Outside Looking In: When You Sell a Property

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Breckenridge, CO

When selling your property in Summit County Colorado it’s easy to be endearing about the home you’re selling. The owner of the home looks out into the yard and encounters flashes of memories from every area of the yard. Inside, the homeowner can still hear the giggles and sounds from events of the past. After a bunch of real estate companies interviewed, owner has listed their property in Summit County with a local realtor, the one who has chosen to overlook items with necessary attention.

The home owner can see the tree stump in the front yard as home plate still and can envision the kiddos running their made up bases on the way to home plate. This memory makes that tree stump a valuable addition to the yard. A potential buyer of the home however sees a dead tree stump, something that will need attention, probably removal. The pile of tree branches and old wood that used to be a make believe fort in the corner of the yard still brings childhood shouts and fake combat play sounds to the owner of this home, but to the buyer it brings another area they feel will need attention.

Inside the home the seller of this property can still remember how every ding on the walls and floors happened. The seller is sentimental in regards to the marks on floors or walls left by their house pet so eager to greet them at the door. However, this is not at all attractive to a potential buyer who is starting to wonder how the house has been maintained if visually there is so much damage greeting them at the front door.

When choosing to list a Summit County property, the seller needs to take an outside look at the house. Removing dead foliage, clearing the yard of debris, and starting the overall appeal of the property at the curb is a great first step. Inside, the home should be cleared of clutter, even sentimental knick-knacks. Carpets should be shampooed to show at their best, flooring should be able to show itself off. If there are dings from children or pets those should be repaired prior to listing the home for sale. A fresh coat of neutral color paint goes a tremendous way when looking to sell a home, it covers any age spots, and will market itself better to a potential buyer than the unique fad paint job done by the teenager in the home.

When choosing to sell your Summit County home, do yourself a favor and ask friends and acquaintances to walk through your home as though they were potential buyers and give feedback on what they saw as a disadvantage to a quick sell. Listen to the advise given, then add advise from a local quality real estate agent who wants to help you sell your “palace” not your “junk yard”.


This is the time of year to really make the outside of your home look better than your neighbor. A neat yard with green grass and flowers and a well maintained exterior will get you buyers through the front door.

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