"The Eye Buys" And Aerial Photography Enables This To Happen

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My realtor team members are real estate listing agents, and I am the marketing agent for them. My focus is marketing our inventory, in unison with promoting my team members who secure each listing. The methods of marketing that I utilize are both online and offline marketing methods, and aerial photography complements my marketing.

Every piece of marketing that I create is done so with the thought of the statement “the eye buys” in the forefront of my mind. Whether the piece of marketing is in a blog post on a website; a property listing posted in MLS; a newspaper ad; a direct mail marketing postcard; or video on You Tube, the buyer needs to have his/her interest peaked. Aerial photos are “eye catching.”

We hire a company, Mass Aerial Productions, to capture aerial photography of every one of our real estate listings. We provide every price range of home and every type of real estate with a series of aerial photographs.

Home buyers can’t help but click on an eye catching aerial photograph, and when that happens, the buyer will continue to see all of the photos. If there is interest, the buyer will read the attached content. Each of my team members have had great success with aerial photography included in the marketing piece.

Buyers will call to see the interior of the home, if they are satisfied with the exterior photos and the areas bordering the property. All buyers want to know what their potential future home borders, and if there is anything adverse in the area that will have a negative influence on future value. Aerial photographs provide that information, just as Google provides the same information. Ours is up to date.

Aerial photography is also eye catching to buyer agents, and it works in the same fashion as with buyers. The burden is on the buyer’s agent to be informed about what borders every property that is shown by them. Our aerial photography is of great help with providing that information.

We use aerial photography for condominium communities and single family homes. It’s a very powerful marketing method for listing agents to use, and homeowners in our area now request it. Most agents limit the use of aerial photography to luxury and high end homes. We use it for every listing because every homeowner thinks of his/her home as their castle, and we treat it as such. It’s another sign of the times.


What a great benefit to the home seller to have that as part of their marketing package. Buyers love photos and aerial is still newish and intriguing for buyers. Anything you can do to increase the chances of the buyers calling you, the better.

thanks Debbie, for your comments..... eventually aerial photography will be commonplace and just another staple in real estate marketing.....

thanks for your comments, Debbie Reynolds...eventually aeiral photography will be considered another staple in real estate marketing.....

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Great article... I'll have to look into aerials as part of my marketing


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