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Real Estate Blogging and Wordpress

As a self made webmaster that has made a great living from the Internet since 1995 I have to admit the best tool that I’ve found to date is a WordPress Blog! Having built very successful websites over the years there’s always a reluctance to embrace new technologies and leave that comfort zone, but the payoffs can be big if you understand the dynamics at play.

First of all we must understand some basics. A basic html real estate website for the most part is static and offers content that is stagnant in place until changed or updated. If properly built, it is a great placeholder for search engine optimization (SEO).

The problem lies in search engines that are constantly looking for fresh new content and updated materials. Over the years search engines have modified what shows up first and now favors faster loading sites with fresh content. Really Simple Syndication - RSS feeds are just perfect for this. To accomplish this task search engines over the years have morphed – they’ve gradually changed their algorithms favoring more dynamic sites – and in so doing it has negatively affected the web placement and position of many stagnant html real estate websites.

The reason a search engine does this is simple. SEO, and web placement is a constant fine tuning of their product in the search engine sense that “You can always do better!” If providers maintain a better search engine to afford the viewers what they are searching for… that will mean more ad revenues for them in the long run. It is their belief that in making adjustments or filtering what shows up when you conduct a search or query on their website... users will be rewarded with fresh, relevant and succinct results and make them repeat users.

An RSS feed is a perfect tool for this for many reasons and it allows a user to visit one site and view fresh content from many sources or feeds. It is by no mean stagnant in its format and is a very rich experience if done correctly. It can supplement your Blog articles. For the viewer – feeds deliver rich content in the form of local weather, news, articles, maps, local real estate statistics, up to date mortgage rates, walk scores, and easily searchable real estate listings in an IDX format. It is one stop shopping on the web, and they love it.

A WordPress platform is perfect for this, and can be easily modified and enhanced with social media plug-ins, widgets and feeds customized with the consumer in mind. The major plus for a WordPress Blog is that you can also post your own Blog articles on the topics of your choice, share local or community news, and events. However, as I mentioned before that change is a constant on the web, and search engines know who is searching, and what they are searching from.

Thus, WordPress is not a panacea for SEO. It only works well if you understand your audience and cater to their needs. So users are no longer limited to searching your site via their PC or laptop. Now they can use their cell phones, and notebooks. Google is also looking for websites or blogs that are mobile friendly as that market of viewers and users grows exponentially from Mobile phones, and notebooks.

Jim & Ellen Crawford have been representing home buyers and sellers in Atlanta since 1993. Feel free to contact us for all your Atlanta real estate needs.


Sounds like this is the way to go for Wordpress Jim. What about Drupal? Have you heard or done any research about Drupal and Real Estate websites? Thank you.

Switching to a WordPress platform was one of the best moves I made for my biz. Good information about all that WP provides.

Oh yes, I love wordpress. I agree with you, and it was one of the smartest business moves I've made. I've been using for 4 years and it's done wonders for my biz.

Debbie, I have about 80 websites that I host - 50/50 Html and WordPress. I've been doing for the websites since 1995 and WP for about 5 years.

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