Clarksville TN Offers Quality of Life and Here's Why

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Clarksville offers quality of life to its residents.

When a city grows at a fast pace you want to know why and Clarksville TN is the fifth-fastest growing city in the nation of cities with a population of over 50,000. It's close proximity to Nashville is part of the reason and the affordability of housing as compared to counties closer to the state capitol is also part of the reason.

Clarksville TN covers 95.5 square miles of which .7 square miles is water. The Cumberland River and Red River and smaller tributaries run through Montgomery County. Rivers make great recreational opportunities for residents of the area. This and many city and county parks help offer quality of life.

The population is estimated for 2014 according the U.S. Census Bureau at 189,000. This is a big increase since the last formal census was taken that gave 150,000 as the figure. By the year 2020 it is estimated it should exceed 200,000.

Another reason for the huge growth is Fort Campbell KY. Not only is the military post the largest employer in the area but even after people leave the area they come back here to retire. Being close to a VA Hospital in Nashville and having buying privileges at the Post Commissary and PX are advantages that appeal to retiring veterans. Other family members choose to move here to be close to their active duty family members because they have heard it is a great place to live.

Here's another really big reason, the State of Tennessee has no state income tax. That can save thousands of dollars if the relocating buyer comes from a state and city that imposes these taxes.

There are many neighborhoods to choose from and a lot of new homes being built. These homes are packed with amenities that buyers of today are really liking. Property taxes are reasonable and do not inflate housing prices beyond affordability.

The best reason is that people in Clarksville are friendly. They say hello and carry on a conversation with you and to us locals this isn't unusual at all. Even driving down the road people on the side of the roads will give you friendly wave and a smile. What a nice way to live.

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