Curb Appeal Sells Homes in Clarksville TN

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Sell your home with more curb appeal

Looking through the eyes of the buyers is how a Clarksville TN home seller gets his house ready for market and SOLD. The curb appeal is utmost in bringing the buyers to the next step of wanting to go through the front door. The lack of it throws the brakes on and stops the buyer in his tracks.

Buyers in today’s market start by looking online and when something catches their interest they move to the next step. This is why good listing photos open doors to more showings. Intrigued buyers that live in the area take the initiative to drive by the home before they call an agent to look inside. The curb appeal can make or break the sale simply by grabbing the interest of the buyer or dousing any hopes of wanting to look inside. The lack of curb appeal shows up in the MLS photos.

How does a Clarksville TN seller prepare the outside of their home to capture the buyer from the curb? First, be prepared to invest a little money to get the outside looking good and the rewards could be great. It will bring more lookers inside and set the stage for getting an offer from a captivated buyer and may even bring you a higher price. The entire process of getting your home ready to sell is outlined in How to Beat the Competition When Selling Your Clarksville Home.

Start by standing across the street from your house. It would even be better if you have a friend or a family member with you so you can play good guy, bad guy when looking at your home through the eyes of a buyer.

  • How does your home compare to the homes on each side of your home? Is it equally desirable or better in style, landscape and the state of repairs?
  • Look closely at the shrubs, trees and plants. Are they too large, dead or blocking the view of the house and windows?
  • Is there debris or yard art that is detracting from the home’s appearance?
  • Is the mailbox in good repair?
  • Is the driveway clean and does it have easy access?
  • Does the roof look in good repair, how about the shutters, gutters and exterior paint?

Be honest, do any of the above items need improvement?

To get buyers inside you have to start on the outside. The buyer will be driving by and viewing your home from the street. Will they like what they see? If you are being objective you will know whether you need to take action and get your home’s exterior in shape for selling first. The photos will show the home’s flaws and stop the online buyer from looking further. Don’t kill your chance of selling before they even come to look. See what your Clarksville Home is worth and then let’s get it Sold.

Curb Appeal Sells Homes in Clarksville TN

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