The Joy of the First Time Home Buyer

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First Time Home Buyers

As a Realtor I really enjoy helping first time buyers find their new home or condo. I get a good feeling out of being the trusted Buyers Agent who makes the client feel comfortable with the transaction.

The niche of first time home buyers has sort of fallen in my lap. I never did seek out people to make the move from renter to homeowner but it just seemed to happen that I got into helping people take that big step. To me it is very rewarding to answer all the questions and have the people depend on me.

Folks who have a lot of experience in Real Estate are fine to have as clients too but there is something so rewarding about the excitement you can feel when you are the one who guides the customer into becoming a home or condo owner really gives me a nice feeling. I remember when I bought my home and got all the questions answered and I can't help but reflect on that in my work.

Explaining all the steps and holding their hands is something I seek out now. To have a Realtor willing to be there to inform the customer is something special. I enjoy all the questions and welcome any first time home buyers and always ask if I can stop by for a minute and see how their new home looks. I think as long as I am in the business of home selling I will feel this way.

Noah Seidenberg is a licensed Illinois real estate broker in Chicago area and can be reached at Chicagoland & North Shore Real Estate or by phone at (800) 858-7917 if you have any real estate related questions.


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