What Characteristics Do Homes That Go Under Contract Quickly Have?

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There are homes entering the market for sale at all times. Some are under contract in just a few days and others sit for months, maybe even years before they sell. Do homes that go under contract quickly have similar characteristics? Yes, they do.

Shows Well
You only get one chance to make a first impression – make it a good one! There is a lot of behind the scenes preparation prior to putting your home on the market. De-clutter those closets, clean out the garage, spruce up the landscaping, do a deep clean, make repairs, and put away personal items. There’s no one size fits all in this arena, each home is going to need different items taken care of prior to going on the market. Hire an agent that has a successful track record selling homes in your area. Enlist their expertise to help you get your home ready to go on the market. Think about it as a first date, you want to put your homes best foot forward before any buyers enter for tours.

Priced According To The Market:
The current market conditions dictate where your home needs to be priced. Realtors® do not price your home, the market does. An agent that knows your neighborhood will be able to tour your home and then provide you with comparable sales in order to determine the correct listing price for you home. Overpricing can mean sitting on the market for weeks and risking not only buyers losing interest in your home but, also a low-ball offer.

Easy To Show
Making your home easy to show will ensure buyers are able to get in and take a tour. Difficult showing instructions or restricted times may mean buyers skip over your house all together. If they’re planning on touring and their agent can’t get them in to see your house you risk them making an offer on another home they were able to tour. Be prepared, have your home show ready every day and be set to vacate as needed.

Hiring the right agent to help you accomplish these items prior to going on the market is key. Real Estate is local – hyperlocal. Market conditions vary not only by city but, also by each neighborhood. Hire an agent that knows your neighborhood and what its current market conditions are. They will help you devise a plan for what needs to happen prior to going on the market and handle all of the details that require attention once you’re under contract.

Amanda Davidson is a Realtor in Northern VA and can be reached at Living a Dream Real Estate.


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