You Are Selling a House, Not a Home

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You are selling a house not a home

Selling your home is an emotional process. But you need to keep in mind that you are selling a house, not your home. Here's why.

You have lived in your house for some time, and have lots of memories. There is an emotional attachment to it. It's your home! But you have now decided to buy a new property for your home. Now it's time to sell so you can settle into your new place.

Your home is something you created, loved and cherished, and you'll do it again. But it's important to keep in mind that you are selling a house, not your home. It will be much easier to prepare your house for showings and have it looks its best for prospective buyers if you keep this in mind. It's time to remove the personal trappings of your home that you live with every day - personal photos and collectibles, for example - that will distract buyers from seeing your house as a place where they would like to live and create their home.

Your emotions about your home can get in your way of being practical about how the house looks and lives for buyers. Yes, it would be nice to continue living your life as you normally do, with all the things to love and cherish in place. But buyers won't appreciate all that the same way you do - it's your home, not theirs. They want to see a house that works for their needs so they can create their own new home.

Oh, they might like the paint colors, and the little personal touches you've added to make it yours, but then again they may not. That's when you might lose a buyer who could otherwise see themselves buying your house. Or they'll decide the house is worth a lot less because they don't like how it looks and worry about all they have to do to make it theirs.

And you know what? You will do the exact same thing when you are looking for a new house to make home!

So do yourself a favor and remember you are selling a house. You'll take your home and your memories elsewhere and leave your house behind for someone else to create their new home.

Jeff Dowler is a Real Estate agent in Carlsbad, CA. For more information Jeff can be contacted via email or by phone at (760) 840-1360.


It is so hard sometimes for the agent to convey this very thought. Once the seller makes the decision to move, they need to shift into a business mindset of getting their house sold to a buyer. The memories can go with them to their new home.

Jeff, you're right about all the memories that are created in a home. When it's time to move on, knowing that we're just selling a house and not our home does take out all the emotional feelings. It even helps with the negotiating too.

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