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High thresholds cause trip and fall issues in your home when flooring is poorly installed

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Poorly installed flooring

Many people add flooring and do not bother to remove what was previously there, and this is what I pick up at a home inspection.

A tile floor requires backerboard and if there are previous layers of flooring, this requires an unusually high threshold at doorways and entrances into rooms newly floored. The floor in the picture is on a basement floor and the tiles are glued to the concrete floor.

A high step or lip above 1/2 inch at a rooms' entrance can cause you to trip and fall, and I write this up in my reports when inspecting a home for home buyers here in New York.

This is very common but is due to laziness, or lack of willing to pay for ripping up the previous layer or layers. Usually its layers.
This may not stop a buyer from buying a home, but if many issues like this are found at an inspection, it makes you feel as if all the work in the various areas is also poorly done.

What would you think if your inspector told you that? Would you walk away? Suppose every room entrance had a step at the entrance like this?

Just food for thought if you are doing your floor in this manner.

Ray Wilson is a Home Inspector, covering all of Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk), the 5 boroughs of NYC and now upstate NY. For any home inspection related questions he can be reached at Meticulous Home Inspection Corporation. He can be reached at 631-902-6761.


This is really sloppy work. Even when you are not ripping up the floor and/or have uneven levels, you can still smooth this out with proper transitions. this is esp bad on concrete floors.

What gets me is seeing transition strips that are toe stumpers and if another product or installation technique had been chosen it could have been minimal.

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