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Neck injury using the staircase due to improper modification of staircases and landings

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Meticulous Home Inspection

Improper modification of staircases and landings is found in many peoples' homes throughout Suffolk county where Meticulous Home Inspection performs home and building inspections.

We see things like landings at the base of staircases that have insufficient headroom.

I found a second floor staircase that was changed during a recent home inspection in Mount Sinai NY - there were three initial steps with a 90 degree turn installed that were not present originally so the structure of the stairs, as well as headroom, was changed. This revealed an unusually low stairwell ceiling height as you ascend or descend this staircase.

I know of someone in the business who sustained injury of the discs in her neck/spine due to hitting her head at a low ceiling.

I doubt a proper permit was taken out for alteration because all staircases should have 6'8" clearance above all steps to a staircases,and this was not so in this house.

This friend has a permanent injury due to this staircase modification.

Ray Wilson is a Home Inspector, covering all of Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk), the 5 boroughs of NYC and now upstate NY. For any home inspection related questions he can be reached at Meticulous Home Inspection Corporation. He can be reached at 631-902-6761.


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