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Poorly wired fixtures and rainwater do not mix!

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The installer of this light fixture is not a pro, or if he/she is a pro, should be removed from their job!

How can you install a fixture outside a house and let the wiring get wet? This is a poor installation and must be repaired by a qualified electrician because the installer was not likely a good one.

Meticulous Home Inspection finds these things on and in peoples home regularly, and buyers do not usually see these things. Luckily, most people know to have a home inspection when purchasing a home, townhouse, condo or co-op.

So for safety sake, have a home inspection performed by a qualified and licensed home inspection company like Meticulous.

Ray Wilson, president of Meticulous Home Inspection Corp., covers Nassau County, Suffolk County, and the 5 boroughs of NYC, and would be happy to answer any of your questions related to this blog, or inspection in general. Please call 631-902-6761 or go to


That is the kind of thing I see when a homeowner has tried to do it themselves. They think they are saving money but could end up burning the house down.

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