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The townhouse is new and does not need to be inspected! Really?

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I have heard this phrase by uninformed buyers before, and I have found issues in these new homes that made it through without being noticed.

I have found improperly installed new water heaters with improper sized exhaust piping, improper draft hoods, duct tape on piping.

I have found loose second floor railings that, if leaned against, would collapse and fall to the first floor.

I have found maladjusted garage door sensors that will not bring the door up if an obstruction is present.

I have found leaks under sinks in at least 50% of the new homes I inspect when looking under sinks and running hot, then cold water.

I have found steps with such uneven rises (heights of each step - see picture) that it is a tripping hazard,

So do NOT let anyone tell you it does not need to be inspected because it is new.


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