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Why did someone install a raincap on a vent stack?

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Raincap on a vent stack

I see this every once in a while, and just do not know why these are installed.

The only explanation I can think of is the vent stack - which lets air into your drain piping - has a crack below the roofline and leaks when it rains.

Animals generally do not enter these pipes as the smell of sewer gasses are present, and they know enough not to try to inhabit this area, so its not meant as an animal deterrent.

I typically will recommend a licensed plumber evaluate the reason this exists so you can rest assured there are no cracks in this vital part of the plumbing system.

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Submitted by Ingrid Mendez (not verified) on
I am not an expert in the subject matter, But I imagine, it is to prevent rain water from entering the pipeline, thus to prevent the mix of water and the toxic fumes from possibly re fluxing.

I have seen these too (of course from the ground) and figured the owner noticed a stain on the ceiling and thought it was coming from the stack. It was most likely the boot or flashing around it that was leaking and they didn't realize this.

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