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Why you want a meticulous home inspector for your home purchase

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Home Inspection

Performing an inspection of a property that has been modified from original plans can have all sorts of issues from wiring, to roofing, to structural, to improper additions, to the weird end of the scale such as marijuana grow rooms, major threats to safety and health, and underground bomb shelters.

Meticulous Home Inspection finds the issues that can affect your safety, and your property value.

If you expect a proper inspection by a cousin who thinks he knows how to inspect a home, or friend who is in construction, you are selling yourself short. Have someone who has no emotional attachment to the house like an independent and experienced home inspector such as Meticulous Home Inspection.

If they are not up to date with modern building practice, or are not versed in all aspects of building construction such as plumbing, roofing, foundation, windows and doors, heating and cooling systems, etc, you could be getting an inspection without the insight and the hands-on background that is the hallmark of Meticulous Home Inspection Corporation in New York.

We perform between 300 and 400 inspections of residential homes a year, as well as commercial buildings up to 10,000 square feet throughout the New York area and Long Island.

Ray Wilson is a Home Inspector, covering all of Long Island (Nassau and Suffolk), the 5 boroughs of NYC and now upstate NY. For any home inspection related questions he can be reached at Meticulous Home Inspection Corporation. He can be reached at 631-902-6761.


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