Do your home buyers plan ahead for their renovations?

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Home Renovation

Buyers are usually excited and anxious to get into their new house. At the same time, they often want to "fix things up" to make the house into their home. Sometimes, this is just a matter of cleaning and painting. Often, they want to sand and refinish the floors (or even replace them...or add hardwood to sections). Sometimes, they need to replace the dirty and smelly carpets. Other times, they have grandiose plans to remodel the whole kitchen. It's important for buyers to plan ahead on these projects.

In my experience, many new home buyers (especially 1st time homebuyers) underestimate the costs for renovations (i.e. their eyes are bigger than their wallet) and underestimate the time frame needed to get the work done. At the same time, closings often get delayed, so if they don't plan ahead, their timeline can get scrunched.

There are some projects that must be done before you move in (e.g. sanding and refinish the floor or adding site finished hardwood flooring), while there are other projects that many would prefer to do before they move in (e.g. painting, carpeting). And, there are some projects that can take a long time and may require some saving up (e.g. kitchen remodel, bathroom remodel).

New home buyers (and their realtors) will find this article helpful about the length of time it takes to sand and refinish hardwood floors. It's usually longer than most realize and they don't always factor in the extra 4 days they need at the end before moving in the furniture.

The second common mistake I see is homeowners doing thing in the wrong order. These 2 articles should help.

New home buyers and realtors may also find this helpful: 3 tips for new home buyers looking to renovate. It will help them avoid some of the most common pitfalls.

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Jerry - Yes, it happens all the time. Often, they can only do floors and painting before they move in. Kitchens and bathrooms often need to wait.

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