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Travellers told to pack sensibly

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We are being warned not to take too many valuables with us as we set off on our holiday travel tours.

The warning comes from American Express Travel Insurance which claims many of us run the risk of losing a host of valuable items every time we go abroad.

The firm is urging holidaymakers to think before they pack and make sure that they are not taking items which have a combined total higher than that which their travel insurance covers.

"It is"¦ important to consider the accumulative value of items. Our recent survey results4 reveal nearly half [43 per cent] of respondents had packed clothing, jewellery and watches worth more than £250," said Joanne Field from American Express.

"Many travellers do not read their policy terms and conditions before travelling and are unaware that insurers impose a single item limit and a valuables total limit."

American Express' words of warning come as new excess baggage policies are due to be introduced at airports around the UK. - SOURCE:


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