Moving for Great School Districts Outside New York City

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For many parents, the high cost of living in New York City make raising children a burden. On top of that, getting your children the best education can also be challenging. Of course there are expensive private schools. And there are also great public magnet high schools where kids can test into like Stuyvesant and Brooklyn Tech, but competition is fierce, and there is no guarantee that your child will get in.

Therefore, moving out to the suburbs seem like the best option for some. Housing costs are cheaper when you calculate the square footage that you would get, plus often yard space and garage parking. And schools choices are excellent. There is top notch education to be offered on Long Island, just outside Queens, at many of the Long Island towns.

One of the top school districts on Long Island is Jericho. In 2017, it was ranked the best school district in New York State and the twelfth best in the country by There are a total of 5 schools in the school district, serving around 3000 students. Not only do 100% of the students graduate high school, 94% of them graduate with a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation, meaning they fully understand all the Regents subjects when they finish their courses each year!

Jericho is located along the North Shore of Long Island, in Nassau County. It is located in the Town of Oyster Bay, and residents can conveniently travel to other parts of Long Island and to New York City and Manhattan via the Long Island Expressway. For those who would like to travel without traffic and driving, they can reach the city via the Long Island Rail Road. There are LIRR stations nearby in Westbury, Hicksville, and Syosset close to Jericho. 

The Great Neck Public Schools was ranked the 2nd best school district in New York in the same survey, and was ranked 13th best in the nation. Great Necks is located along the Gold Coast of Long Island in Nassau County. During the 2015-16 school year, the district has ten schools, and a total enrollment of 6,399 students and 585 classroom teachers. There are two high schools in the district.

Great Neck is also located at the North Shore of Long Island. Long Island has a very diverse population, and Great Neck is known as having the second-most ethnic Persians in the US. According to Wikipedia, around 21.1% of  the Great Neck population reports having Persian ancestry.

Another top school district on Long Island is Garden City. Garden City was ranked No. 46 in the state by the same report by According to the Regents exams report from 2016-2017, 86% of students there graduated with regents Diplomas with Advanced Designation.

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