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3 Creative Ways to Market Your Home

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3 Creative Ways to Market Your Home

One of the best ways to get a home sold is marketing. Marketing gets your home in front of more buyers and lets them know it is available for sale. Taking extra creative measures to market your home will help to get your home in front of the right buyer and sell your home faster.  

Here are some creative ways that you can market a home.

Send Out Property Brochures 

Online listings are great especially right now, but so is a good old fashioned paper advertisement. Sending out a high-quality paper brochure to a focused audience is a good way to grab the interest of potential buyers that have been seeing many of the same type of listings.

It will get your home noticed and remembered. Send them out to neighbors to let them know your home is for sale, they may know a friend or family member who is looking for a home. Send to other real estate agencies so they can share the information with their clients they may know someone who would be a perfect buyer for your home." - Andy Carter, Long Beach CA Realtor®

Create A Dedicated Website or Blog Post Just for the Home 

"Creating a whole blog post or an entire web page for your home allows you to share more details than a standard online listing. As more and more home shopping moves to an online forum this is a good way to go above and beyond with sharing details about your home. You can share information about the exterior, each room, the yard, housing development amenities, and surrounding neighborhood highlights." Kevin Leonard, Tucker GA Realtor®

"You can also share information about schools in the area and popular attributes of the city your home is in. You can share all of the details a buyer wants to research about a home and where it is located so they don’t have to go to several different places to research the information."  Brian Rugg, Sun City Texas Realtor®

Professional Staging 

Staging is not so uncommon in the home selling business. When you are selling a high-end Parkland property you want to hire an expert luxury home staging company. A luxury home stager will be able to focus on the type of home you have and the type of buyer it may attract.

"They can get more creative with the staging to appeal to the target audience of your high-end home. They can even bring in different items for a day to appeal to a particular buyer. If you have a buyer that is particularly interested in the large garage it may be a good idea to rent a luxury car to put in it for a day. The more attention to detail of what the buyer is specifically looking for the better."   St. George Realtor® Kris Larson

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