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How to Sell Your House in 10 Days Guaranteed

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How to sell your house in 10 days

Okay, well, almost guaranteed. You never know individual markets, housing demand or if It’s a buyers or sellers’ market. But there are things homeowners can do to almost guarantee an offer in 10 days, and I’m not talking about those cash offers for homes deals either. This is a bonafide plan to prepare, list, market and sell your house as fast as possible

This is for people that are not messing around with the highest price, the best and most perfect terms and need to get out now. I’m not saying you need to slash your price in half, but there are some serious steps to take if you want to sell FAST.
Here’s how:

1. Get a serious agent.

I know selling a home yourself may save you money but it won’t save you all the time, energy and stress that comes with preparing, promoting and selling your property. You also don’t want an agent that just works part time. You need a full-time agent that is serious about selling and determined to do everything in their power using all their tools in their real estate tool box to get the job done fast.
This is not the time to use your cousin’s husband’s brother because he’s getting started in the industry. Use someone that’s been around for at least 10 years and sells at least 10-20 homes a year minimum.

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2. Listen to your agent.

I know I just told you to get a serious agent but if you don’t listen to them, there’s no point. If your agent tells you to replace the front door, do it. If your agent says to re-grout your shower, do it. If your agent says no one will buy this house with cat litter in the laundry room and torn up furniture from the dog in the living room, believe it and do something about it. This is not the time to get defensive or offended. Your agent has your best interest and the goal of selling at heart and they know what buyers want in a house. Just listen and do.

3. Price it lower than the closest competition.

If a similar house down the street is selling for $200,000, list for $195,000. If the house has more features than yours, you’ll have to come down even more. No buyer will pay more for a house with less amenities. Figure out your bottom line; how much you need to make on the sale. You and your agent will find comparable properties and then weigh the features of each house with your own. Determine an attractive price point that will make a buyer want your house over all the rest.

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4. Clean, Stage, Clean, Repeat.

Buyers don’t want that “lived in” look. They know you live there, they just don’t want to see it. They don’t want to see family photos on the wall, personal collections in curio cabinets or your kindergartners first drawing of the family on the fridge. It’s time to pack these items away. Buyers need to see themselves in the house, not you. You need to set the stage for the perfect setting such as a game being played on the coffee table in the family room, a book with reading glasses next to the nightstand, or a dining room set to impress with glassware and all. Give buyers a reason to stay, linger, and ultimately make an offer. Keep the house as clean as you can throughout the process and if that means hiring a housekeeper once a week, do it. You never know which buyer will pull the trigger.

Don’t forget the outside. Curb appeal can make or break a sale. Regardless of the time of year, landscaping can look amazing. Keep the yard trimmed and throw some nitrogen on the lawn to green it up fast. Trim the edges and all shrubs and trees away from the house. Repaint the steps or front door, keep pathways clean and clear of leaves and debris and have some nice seasonal color on the porch or walkway to greet all guests and visitors.

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#5. Take amazing photos.

Don’t use your phone OR settle for an agent that uses your phone either. This is where professional photos really make a huge difference. You have one chance to capture that buyer online so make those images be amazing. It can cost anywhere from $100-$500 for a professional shoot depending on the time and size, and make sure your house is ready when they come. These photos can be the push your home needs for more views online and more showing appointment and eventually an offer.

You may not get an offer in 10 days and it all depends on your market, but with these 5 steps you’re sure to get the attention of lots of buyers and that’s the only way to get that offer.

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