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Reasons You Should be Living the Lake Life

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reasons you should be living the lake life

8 Great reasons why lake life might be for you! Thinking about buying a house? Why not find one on a lake?

In Central Florida and especially Clermont there are some amazing opportunities to live right on one of the many great lakes Florida has to offer. We believe living the lake life is amazing and here are some reasons why:

Say Bye Bye to Boredom

Whether you enjoy a high energy and super active lifestyle , or a more laid back relaxed and easy pace there is something for you at the lake. From watersports to lakeside lounging, the lake is for everyone.

Did you know that lakefront living can reduce stress?


It is hard to find a bad view when you live on a beautiful lake. From interesting wildlife, to beautiful sunsets, to trees, and the lake itself there is so much to take in and enjoy right out your very own window. We think this beats looking out a window and seeing right into a neighbor’s window or looking at a cement jungle.

Easy Entertaining

When you live on the lake it will not be hard to get your friends to come see you, everyone will want to be at your house. There are so many things you can offer to guests when you live on the lake such as: boat rides, bonfires, barbeques, tubing, fishing, sunbathing on the dock, or just a nice meal with amazing views. If you love to entertain the lake is the place for you.

Gorgeous Sunsets

Have you ever experienced sunset at the lake? Sunset is gorgeous anywhere you are when you can take a minute to stop and enjoy it, but there is just something about sunset on the lake that elevates the beauty to beyond words.

Make New Friends

When you live on the lake the people that live on the lake around you sort of become like family, especially when you spend a good amount of time on the water and they do as well. You just may find yourself in a circle of boats amongst new like-minded water loving friends.


It is pretty much expected that you will be taking part in some sort of watersports if you live on a lake that allows for it. (Some lakes are not swimmable or only allow for non-motorized activities) Whether it is tubing or paddle boarding you can just step out your door and enjoy these fun activities anytime you want.

Enjoy a Fit Lifestyle that is Fun

Staying fit no longer has to feel like a chore because at the lake there are many fun activities to choose from that will burn calories without you even realizing it. Wouldn’t you rather go water skiing than hop on a treadmill? Or enjoy a nice canoe or kayak ride instead of lifting weights? You will be enjoying your life and not even realizing you are getting healthy while doing it.

Just Being Near the Water Improves Health

Studies have shown that just living near the water can reduce stress and improve relaxation which ultimately helps to improve your overall health. What’s not to love about that? Just living on the lake will reduce your stress.

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Tammy Emineth is a content marketer, blogger, and web designer. She enjoys writing about real estate and mortgage information based on years in the real estate industry.

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