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Employee Flu-Like Symptom Linked To Olive Garden Illness

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Over 160 people reported sickness after eating at Olive Garden Italian Restaurant in Indianapolis area. The restaurant is now temporarily closed the Olive Garden says in a statement that this may be related to to employees that recently had flu-like symptoms.

Reuters says "More than 250 people have reported becoming sick after eating at an Olive Garden restaurant in Indianapolis, Indiana, a county health official said on Friday, a day after an outbreak of E.coli at Taco Bell restaurants was declared over."

Castleton, In (Indianapolis Area) Restaurant Statement

This statement was released by Olive Garden's website and is the latest as of 5:00 p.m. E.S.T. December 15, 2006.

"We are working closely with the local health department in Castleton, Indiana to try to identify the source of this reported illness and will temporarily close the restaurant to give the health department a better opportunity to investigate this matter that may be tied to employees that recently had flu-like symptoms.

"This is an isolated incident. There have been no related incidents reported at any other Olive Garden in the market or elsewhere."

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Submitted by erku on

Diners falling ill at the Olive Garden restaurant is a very sad and dangerous incident. I have worked in a restaurant and am wondering if the government should make it mandatory that people who have flu-like symptoms and work in especially the food and restaurant industry should not report to work. Imagine if the shef has a light flu, but comes to work, or if your waitress has a flu-like symptom. Dose anyone know if there is such a policy forbidding to come to work if you have such illness and work in restaurant?

I agree. The restaurants should be more watchful of sick employees. They cook and serve food. That's why I solute NYC's decision to cut trans fats from restaurants. We need healither food at restaurants.

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