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NYC Power Outage Darkens Manhattan, The Bronx

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New York City power outage darkened parts of NYC, especially The Bronx and Manhattan, creating long traffic on the streets of NYC. The power outage also cut NYC subway service and forced the evacuation of the Metropolitan Museum of Art on one of the hottest days of the year.

Con Edison, the company that provides energy in New York City, has put the following release on its website in regard to power outage in NYC.


Con Edison has restored electrical power to 136,700 customers affected by a transmission disturbance today. Power was out to customers in the West Bronx and the Upper East Side of Manhattan for about 50 minutes today.

The cause of the power outage between 3:42 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. is being investigated.

In the West Bronx, approximately 57,900 customers between the Harlem River, 174th Street and 144th Street and Park Avenue were affected.

In Manhattan, approximately 78,800 customers between Fifth Avenue and the East River, from 77th to 110th Streets were without power. Randall’s Island also was affected.


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Would be interesting to learn what has really caused this power outage in New York City. Things of this magnitude don't happen just like that.

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