Drink up, with nearly 75 percent off iPhone breathalyzer deal

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Drink up, but make sure you check your blood-alcohol content (BAC) with this portable iPhone breathalyzer, available for nearly 75 percent off.

The original price of the product is $90 (if you go to the original vendor's site). The deal, though, is for $24.

We're not sure why you would want to buy more than one -- except perhaps as gifts to friends if you'd prefer to opt out of being a designated driver. In either case, though, this deal, from efizzle.com through daily deal site Spreebird, has a limit of five per customer.

Speaking of gifts, though, customers may purchase an additional five breathalyzers as gifts.

These devices are compatible with the iPhone, iPod and iPad. Based on the image (above) of the product, it looks like it will only fit the original connector for Apple's iOS devices, though. You won't be able to use the product directly with the new Lightning connector, offered, for example, on the iPhone 5.

Apple does offer adapters, though, as do third-parties. That could ameliorate the problem, but keep in mind there will be additional cost.

The Lightning connector is a proprietary device connector created by Apple to replace its previous -- and also proprietary -- 30-pin dock connector. It is intended for Apple's mobile devices. As it uses eight pins rather than thirty, Lightning is significantly more compact than the 30-pin dock connector, which is seen as the main reason for the change -- space savings in the case.

However, it is obviously incompatible with previous cables and peripherals, many blasted Apple over its choice of a proprietary standard that means that customers will need to buy new cables and docks, a definite non-green move (although certainly green when considering Apple's bottom line).

The Lightning connector was introduced in 2012, and is currently used by the iPhone 5, the iPod Touch (5th generation), the iPod Nano (7th generation), the iPad (4th generation), and the iPad Mini.

The $24 price includes shipping, although you cannot ship the device to Hawaii. The product will automatically be shipped to the address entered at checkout within 2-4 weeks of purchase .

It is unclear how long the deal will stand.

Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on Tuesday, Sept. 10. The iPhone 5S will be Apple's expected 2013 flagship device. The iPhone 5C will be a lower-cost (not low-cost) device with a colorful plastic shell and iPhone 5 (rumored) internals.

It is unclear when these will ship, but based on past history Apple should ship them to retail beginning on Sept. 20, although rumor has it that the 5C will reach retail that day, with the iPhone 5S trailing by a week.