Microsoft offers iPad owners a trade-in deal

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One has to wonder what Microsoft will do with these when they get them, but the Redmond, Wash.-based giant is offering iPad owners a chance to "trade up" to a different tablet -- or at least to get rid of an older iPad.

Microsoft's deal, viewable here, is only available in-store, not online. It guarantees a minimum of $200 for any trade-ins of gently used iPad 2, 3, or 4 tablets at a Microsoft store.

Here is how the deal is described:

How to redeem this offer

Bring in your gently used iPad 2, 3, or 4 and get a minimum of a $200 gift card to the Microsoft store.

Looking to upgrade your tablet? Check out the Surface RT or Surface Pro.

Surface RT
The revolutionary new tablet built by Microsoft comes pre-installed with touch-enabled versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.
Starting at $349

Surface Pro
The laptop in tablet form, built by Microsoft, runs your favorite Windows desktop programs and includes a one month free trial of Office 365.
Starting at $799

See store associate for more details.

Last month, Microsoft cut the prices of its both types of its Surface devices by up to $100. Following the price-cut, the Surface Pro starts at $799, while the Surface RT bundles start at $399. Microsoft also launched a new program that offers free Surface RT tablets to schools, ones with an ad-free Bing search platform.

Microsoft has scheduled a Sept. 23 Surface event in New York City. It's expected to introduce two new tablets, one a refresh of its Surface RT tablet, and the other a Surface Pro (Windows 8 desktop OS) tablet.

The Surface RT tablet is going to lose the RT moniker, and be called the Surface 2. There are rumors that it might sport a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor or NVIDIA's Tegra 4,. Either processor would add a wonderful performance boost. However, the Qualcomm processor would add the possibility of an LTE version of the RT tablet

Meanwhile, the Surface Pro 2 absolutely must carry a Haswell CPU. Intel's latest Core design promises much better battery life,a and could add two hours on top of the tablet's current four to four-and-a-half hours.

Since battery life is one of the biggest complaints about the Surface Pro, a long-rumor keyboard cover with an included battery appears on the horizon. Rumored to be called the Power Cover, this could enable the Surface Pro to reach a full day of work.

It's unclear who will go for this trade-in deal, but considering the result is a gift card, it's possible that customers will opt for the deal, use the card on some other Microsoft product(s), and buy the iPad 5 when it debuts later this year.