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United Parcel Service Stock Gains Attention After Conflicting Predictions

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Speculation over whether or not the stock shares of United Parcel Service (UPS) can break through a resistance level at $73.34 rose on Wednesday and Thursday after analyst reports, while further reports gave less glamorous predictions.

The first report noted that United Parcel Service's stock pricer closed Tuesday at 72.05. That MIC report said "United Parcel Service stock has been showing support around $71.20 and resistance in the $73.34 range. Technical indicators for the stock are Bearish and S&P gives UPS a positive 4 STARS (out of 5) buy rating."

Differing points of view come, however, from Smartrend, after UPS fell on Wednesday. That analysis had a bearish look on the stock, saying "Should the shares continue to fall, we are monitoring the next support pivots of $71.20 and $70.13. Also, the shares are currently trading below the 50-day moving average of $73.24 and should find support at the 200-day moving average of $68.31."

Meanwhile, United Parcel Service is getting additional coverage from MSNBC, which could explain further interest in the stock. With a :"guest post" from Motley Fool, the site covers the stock in terms of its use as a retirement stock. United Parcel Service has a current annual dividend yield of 2.90 percent, for one.

The story notes that most retirees should have the following bullet points in mind with regards to a retirement stock:

  • Size of company
  • Consistency of revenue and other financial numbers
  • Stock price stability.
  • Valuation
  • Dividends

The story gives UPS a 6/10 score, which is not great, but not bad. That said, UPS stock price opened up slightly higher on Thursday, at $71.84, +0.22‎ (0.31 percent‎).

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