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French historian Thibaux to become "Atakan Turk"

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This article was published in turkish web press.

This man is one of the french historians who opposed the french law recognizing the armenian genocide, and joined the french media and intellectuals to criticize the law and the french-armenians for weeks...


French historian and writer Jean Michel Thibaux, who announced he was applying for Turkish citizenship following the French Parliament's decision to approve the bill making it a crime to deny Armenian allegations of genocide by the Turks, has had his application approved by the Interior Ministry in Ankara.

Following the initial approval by the Interior Ministry, Thibaux's application has been presented to the Council of Ministers. Following approval by the ministers, Thibaux will reportedly take the Turkish name "Atakan Turk."


Submitted by erku on

I think the French law is intended to make a point that there really was an Armenian Genocide and that today's Turky and it's society needs to take responsibility for it. How far can you go saying there has not been an Armenian Genocide. The blood of the innocent cries out for it and will not rest untill justice is done.

If there is a law punishing for denial of the Jewish geoncide, why shouldn't there be a law punishing for the denial of the Armenian Genocide or the genocide in Rwanda.

We should do these things so the events never repeat. Trying to kill and annihilate an entire group of people is just crazy and our world must not tolerate it.

Otherwise it will come back one day to haunt us.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Why do Armenians avoid any objective discussion? Because, what they claim is a big lie. Turkish prime minister suggested an objective research by historians , but Armenian prime minister replied negatively since he claims it is not a historical issue but political. So, they are hiding the realities.

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