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The Closing Ceremony of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

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The Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad has released the details of live colverage of the Olympic Closing Ceremony on its' website.

1. Pre-ceremony Performance

Synopsis: With Fuwa as the creative theme, relaxing and humorous performances interact with the audience and create a passionate, relaxed and joyous atmosphere for the Closing ceremony.

1). With Fuwa as the main focus, the best wishes from Beijing are presented to the audience by each Fuwa in their own unique style.

a. Best wishes brought by Beibei (humorous interactive performance)

b. Luck brought by Jingjing (awe-inspiring bicycle trick performance)

c. Happiness brought by Huanhuan (acrobatic plate-spinning performance)

d. Health brought by Yingying (springboard slam-dunk performance)

e. Peace brought by Nini (acrobatic stick-shaking performance)

2). The hosts arouse the passion of the audience for the Closing Ceremony and explain how to use the prop package.

Prop Package includes:

1. Torch-shaped fluorescent stick with cloud patterns: 30cm x 8cm

2. Shining handball: 22cm x 13.5cm

3. Lengthened Chinese fan: 30cm x 60cm

2. Entrance of the President of PRC, the President of IOC and VIP

Synopsis: Greeted by solemn music and warm applause, the president of PRC, the President of IOC and VIP enter the stadium.

3. Prelude, Countdown and Fireworks Display

Synopsis: The countdown music is played. The countdown videos are played simultaneously on the screens in the south and north of the stadium. The countdown starts from "29", indicating the 29th Olympic Games.

1). The countdown starts from "29", indicating the 29th Olympic Games. From "29" to "11", highlights of this Olympic Games are shown with countdown numbers on the screen. Accompanied with sound effects, the atmosphere reaches its climax.

Guided by volunteers, all audience count down from 10 together. Both Arabic numerals and numbers written in Chinese characters appear on the screen with typical patterns of minority ethnic groups as the background.

2). Fireworks on top of the National Stadium (Bird's Nest) burst immediately when the countdown ends, forming a great circle in the sky which symbolizes the success of Beijing Olympic Games.

(Circle: In traditional Chinese culture, "circle" is a symbol of harmony and renewal, indicating the success of Beijing Olympic Games.

4. Welcome the president of PRC, the President of IOC

Synopsis: Welcome the President of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Hu Jintao, and the President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Jacques Rogge.

5. Raising the PRC National Flag, Singing the PRC National Anthem

Synopsis: The National Flag of PRC is raised while the Military Band of the Chinese People's Liberation Army plays the National Anthem of PRC.

6. Chapter 1: Reunion - Prelude

Synopsis: All lights go out in the Stadium. A video is played on the large screen in the north and south to explain the theme of the Closing Ceremony. The video reviews the exciting and memorable moments during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. A grand celebration is about to begin.

1). Two hundered performers of drum formation line up in a circle on the steps of the Main Stage, dance and beat drums while looking up at the sky. Two large heavenly drums fly from the north and south, and the resonant sound of the drum comes from far away.

2). The performers beat the heavenly drums in a unique style in magical light. The two heavenly drums meet at the center above the stadium, slowly fall down to the Main Stage and are suspended about 5 meters above the stage. The heavenly drum and the drum on the ground complement each other.

3). Summoned by the drumbeat, 1,148 silver bell dancers wearing silver bells gather around the Main Stage, and sing and dance for the heavenly drums. A grand celebration is about to begin.

(Drum: The drum has the distinct symbolic meaning in traditional Chinese ceremonies; the drumbeat indicates the commencement of the ceremony. The drumbeat calls people to gather together, to express common dreams and passion through grand ceremonial performance.)

7. Chapter1: Reunion - Greeting the Guests

Synopsis: Silver bell performers dance in tune with the beat of the heavenly drums on the Mian Stage to greet the guests.

1). Eight drum carts in different shapes enter the stadium, carrying performers who beat drums in unique ways.

The sound of the song is mingled with the drumbeat, passionate and dynamic.

2). Eight rotating poles swing and go across.

3). With 60 light wheels shuttling, 200 bouncing and flying men run and roll over.

4). The silver bell dancers change into radiating wave lines coming through, and form four festive passages with the eight drum carts to great guests.

8. Entrance of the NOC Flags

Synopsis: Entry of the flags of all delegations.

1). Led by guides and placard holders, the flag bearers of all delegations enter the stadium, divided into two groups. One group (1-102), headed by Greece, enters from Gate 4 in the right order and stands along the Main Stage. The other group (103-204), headed by Saudi Arabia, enters from Gate 3 in the right order and stands along the Main Stage. The Chinese Flag bearer enters last and stands at the designated place.

2). After all flags are in position, 1,046 marshals run into the designated places.

9. Entrance of the Athletes

Synopsis: All athletes enter from four gates without differentiation of nationality.

1). A women's percussion band for welcoming performance and two children percussion players play cheerful music, and the whole stadium is in raptures.

2). Entry of the medal-winning athletes of the 29th Olympic Games.

3). Simultaneous entrance of the athletes from four gates without differentiation of nationality.

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