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Anti-War Protests At DNC: Two People Arrested

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Anti-war protests mar the events leading to tomorrow's historic Democratic National Convention, which will nominate Barack Obama as Democratic candidate for the presidential elections.

Cindy Sheehan, Ward Churchill and anti-war protesters marked the day with a demonstration and march to protest the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. The protesters called "Bring Them Home Now, Bring Them Home Now..."

The Colorado Independent writes that 2 people have been arrested after the DNC protest.

Two people were arrested on the Auraria Campus in Denver earlier just as a large anti-war protest outside the Pepsi Center was coming to a close. According to the People’s Law Project, a group organizing legal observers to monitor police activities at Democratic National Convention protests, the two were stopped by law enforcement officers at 1:37 p.m. At least one of them was an anti-war protester. They were arrested for not giving their names to the officers.

Gary Ross, a spokesman with the Denver Joint Information Center, which represents the Denver Police Department and other agencies during the DNC, would not give out information specific to the two arrests, saying, “We had a limited number of arrests for minor infractions with DNC.” He says the department will release that information later today.

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