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Dancing With The Stars Season 7 New Cast Announced

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The new cast for the 7th season of 'Dancing With The Stars' was announced this morning on 'Good Morning America.'

The most shocking thing about this list of the new cast of Dancing With The Stars Season 7, besides having thirteen contestants for the first time, is it's the first time Dancing With The Stars has legitimate stars.

Here are the stars that are announced to be in the new cast of the Season 7 of Dancing With The Stars. Lance Bass of N' Sync is first, then comes Rocco DiSpirito who was the star of reality show, The Restaurant.

Kim Kardashian is also announced for Season 7 and will make some controversial headlines as she has dones in the past.

Misty May-Treanor is also included. She is an Olympic Beach Volleyball Gold Medalist two Olympics in a row. We have another Olympian: Maurice Greene - 2004 track and Field Olympian. You can see that Dancing With The Stars Season 7 Cast has a tribute the Olympians and goes in parallel with the season.

Toni Braxton is in the Season 7 new cast: a well known singer of pretty love songs.

Cody Linley - Youngest contestant at 18, partnered with Julianna Hough (who said she might not return, how do you like your country music career now?), and the star of Hannah Montana that's Miley Cyrus

Cloris Leachman - Oldest contestant, played the secretary on every show in the 1970's.

Ted McGinley - He was the hot boyfriend from the cool fraternity on Revenge of the Nerds 1-49. I think he's most famous for the scene he wasn't in when the girl was laying in the moon bounce waiting and the nerd came in... you know the one I mean. How sad. He really would have fit in better last season.

The list of the new cast of season 7 also includes:

Brooke Burke - Hostess of Rock Star: Supernova

Jeffrey Ross - Stand up comic, you'll know his face

Warren Sapp - Retired football player

Susan Lucci - All My Children star

The funs are looking forward to the new season 7 of Dancing With The Stars as the new casts promises to make it an exciting TV show.

Report used from Star Droping

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