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Democratic Convention Opens, CNN Has TV Coverage

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The Democratic Party has opened its 2008 presidential nominating convention in Denver, Colorado as party leaders, after a long and bitter primary season, work to support nominee Barack Obama. While I don't know the TV schedule of the DNC Convention, CNN has a live coverage.

Here is what VOA News has to report.

Ahead of the opening ceremony, former U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton urged party unity Monday in remarks to delegates from her home state of New York.

Resentment among many Clinton backers still remains coming into the convention, although the U.S. senator and former first lady has said she will release her delegates in a gesture of unity.

A recent survey of Clinton's supporters shows one third plan to vote for either Republican candidate John McCain or a third-party candidate, rather than for Senator Obama.

Senator Obama's wife, Michelle, will deliver Monday evening's keynote address, formally introducing her husband to the nation.

Delegates will also pay tribute to ailing Democratic Senator Edward Kennedy, who is suffering from brain cancer. He and his family are to attend the convention, although it is not yet clear if he will speak.

The convention consists of four days of rallies, speeches and meetings, capped by Obama's acceptance speech on Thursday.

The Republican Party holds its national convention next week in Minnesota.

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