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Did Apple Rush The iPhone 3G?

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We are starting to think that Apple did in fact rush the iPhone 3G. There are many different indicators pointing to this iPhone 3G rush thought.

The first major problem is the fact that the iPhone 3G’s phone call reception can be at times very poor. It’s almost like the sound is muffled or something. This has happened to me on my iPhone a few times and also for my wife. I can usually just walk around until it gets better but I did have to hang up and use a landline once. It was almost like the days of analog had returned when you are pressed up against the window trying to get service. I have not had this problem while on Edge, although, I don’t use Edge all that often.

Apple has acknowledged this problem. What they are saying is that it affects 2% of all iPhone 3G owners. I think it affects a few more percentage points than that. People all over the world have reported this problem. The 2.0.2 firmware was supposed to fix the problem but it has not. In fact, the 2.0.2 firmware has highlighted another problem with the iPhone 3G. Apple is supposed to release another update (possibly 2.1) in September which should fix the reception issue.

Since updating to 2.0.2, my battery life has gone down the drain. Basically it has been about twice as bad as it was on 2.0.1. My battery life wasn’t good to begin with, now it’s worse? Come on! I was willing to live and be happy with the battery life before which would give me 4 hours of usage and 18 hours of standby. If I’m only going to get 2 hours of usage and less standby time, I’m not going to be a happy camper.

Ultimately, the biggest battery drainer is the cellular connection from the phone to the network. If the signal and connection is good, the battery lasts longer. If the signal and connection is bad, the battery dies relatively quickly. I think the iPhone 3G is at a disadvantage already. The problem lies in the fact that the phone is not communicating with the network properly or optimally.

Other indicators of Apple rushing the 3G includes the iPhone 3G cracks. The cracking problem could have just been a production issue that was resolved or it could be due to the fact that they rushed the design. I haven’t had any problems with my replacement iPhone and the problem doesn’t appear to be as widespread as first thought.

So did they really rush the 3G? Yes. Did they have to? Yes.

Imagine what the fallout would have been if the iPhone 3G was not announced at the WWDC in June. There would have been millions of furious customers and their stock might have dropped significantly. The one month delay between announcement and release was probably just due to logistics. I don’t think they were still working on getting it ready at that time.

It also appears that this is an Apple issue, not a Rogers issue. Now Rogers could do more to improve the network, but these problems are more hardware/software related. The issue where pages wouldn’t load while on iPhone 3G is a Rogers issue related to high network traffic.

So Apple has sold millions of 3G’s which include some problems. I think they are better off trying to fix these problems now then if they were to fix all of the problems first then release it.

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