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Rectification On Swiss Dialogue With Osama Bin Laden

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Earlier there was a report by AFP that the Swiss foreign minister favors a dialogue with Osama Bin Laden in her opening speech on the occasion of the annual 2008 Ambassadors' Conference. Today the Foreign Ministry of Switzerland issued a rectification where it corrects the situation on sourounding the possible dialogue with Osama Bin Laden. See the Swiss rectification below.

Following publication of an AFP report which erroneously stated that the head of the FDFA favoured dialogue with Al-Qaida and Bin Laden, the FDFA clarifies its position as follows:

1. In her speech to the ambassadors, the head of the FDFA spoke of dialogue as an instrument of foreign policy.

2. She mentioned the appropriateness of such dialogue and the limits in which it should take place.

3. In this context, she asked the rhetorical question of whether entering into a dialogue with Bin Laden could be considered as a possibility.

4. She did not state that she would promote such a dialogue, nor has she proposed such a dialogue.

5. To put an end to this controversy once and for all, in practice there is no question of the FDFA proposing a dialogue with Osama Bin Laden.

Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Link to the Opening speech on the occasion of the annual Ambassadors' Conference (fr).

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