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Ziami Adopts New Approach To Clothing

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Ziami is a manufacturer ( and sales site that sells custom clothing. You can get shirts for $30, suits for $100, and ties and cuff links for $20.

The company claims their mission is to design custom clothing for low prices. The site has been very active today.

Apparently Ziami also offers an employment option. For $99.95 you can buy a starter package and become a design consultant. They will even set you up with a website for $9.95 a month where you can sell clothing and recruit design consultants. This seems to be some kind of viral business model where the company does business through an army of affiliates.

Ziami manufactures clothing in China from measurements supplied by design consultants. They make the clothing from custom fabrics. You have to pay in advance for your goods, and there is a $99.95 new customer access fee. Clothing is usually finished in 3-5 weeks.

This seems to be a new kind of custom tailoring operation that is just getting started. Perhaps this is the next wave of the future in clothing manufacture. Custom fitted clothing has always been more expensive than mass produced items. It seems that now with this company you can get good prices and custom fitting at the same time. If you are in the market for tailored clothing, check out this operation. You might save some cash and get a good suit of clothes in the bargain. Perhaps you will also find your future career as a fashion design consultant.

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