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Europeans Aging, Content Getting Older

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A prognosis by the European statistics agency Eurostat concludes that Europe is an aging continent. It says that by 2060 almost a third of the population of the present EU countries will be aged over 65.

The current proportion is one in six. The main reason behind the trend is that people are living longer and the number of births is decreasing.

By 2015 there will be fewer births than deaths. Eurostat predicts that initially there will be a slight population increase in Europe due to immigration. However, from 2035 the number of immigrants is expected to fall.

In response, the European Commission expressed concerns about the cost of the aging population. An EU spokesperson said it was important to press on with pension and health care reforms.

The EU countries need to ensure they have sufficient funds to finance their welfare systems, and employees have to continue working for longer.

Reported by Radio Netherlands, Copyright

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