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IE8 To Have Private Browsing Mode, Big Deal

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Microsoft recently announced that they are working on a private browsing mode for the next release of Internet Explorer 8 web browser. Microsoft today launches its privacy rich IE8 Beta 2.

Trust Microsoft to make a lot of noise for something that already exists and something that they are trying to copy.

Apple’s Safari has had the private browsing feature for quite some time now, both on the Mac and Windows versions. Mozilla has been reportedly planning to put this feature into the Firefox web browser. Till date we haven’t seen it though. And now Microsoft comes along and makes a big presentation about it in front of the press. You got to admit, Microsoft knows how to make loud noise.

In the past, Microsoft has often ridiculed and even attempted at running down Google’s products like Gmail and GTalk saying that these were “me too” attempts. Well, with the private browsing feature Microsoft seems to be jumping on to the same “me too” bandwagon. Maybe they want to try out Google’s strategy here.

Reported by Technology Is Fascinating blog.

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