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Security Of Turkish President Preparing For Armenia Trip

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According to Today's Zaman the security team of the president of Turkey Abdullah Gul is actively preparing to, already a more possible, trip of Gul to Armenia for a soccer diplomacy initiated by the president of Armenia.

Last month the president of Armenia Serzh Sarksyan invited the president of Turkey Abdullah Gul to visit Yerevan and watch the soccer match between Turkey and Armenia, thus making the first sign of normalizing relations between the two countries.

Turkey so far has adapted "wait and see" approach to the Armenian invitation. It's very likely that Turkish president will announce the last minute that he has decided to go to Armenia.

Today's Zaman reports that Turky's "Presidential Security Directorate, the body in charge of protecting the president, has been busy preparing for Gül's visit to Armenia in case the president accepts Sarksyan's invitation, sources told Today's Zaman. Plans include a dispatch of a 15-member counterattack team to Armenia over the weekend as a forward unit. Officials at the Foreign Ministry said there are no official plans to send a security team to Armenia at the moment."

According to current plans, a group from the counterattack team, armed with M5 and M16 rifles, will be responsible for Gül's security during the visit. High security measures are expected to be taken at Razdan Stadium, where the game will take place. Armenian police will be in charge of securing the roads Gül will use during his stay in Yerevan.

Another reason Turkey is waiting is to make sure that Azerbaijan is cool with Turkish Armenian reaprochment. While the road may seem difficult, many honest and peace loving people think that the president of Turkey should accept the invitation of the Armenian president and visit Armenia, thus sawing the first seed toward to goal of making the Caucasus a place for peace, trust and stability.

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