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John McCain Decided On Veep

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John McCain has already decided who will be his running mate that will run with him as his vice president. McCain is ecpected to announce his Veep decision on Friday.

The news was just announced on CNN that the reports say John McCain has already chosen his veep. Probably McCain is not announcing his VP because everyone is watching the Democratic Nationa Convention where Obama today made a history, and Joe Biden was just not officially nominated as Obama's VP.

Two people are very high on John McCain's Veep list: Joe Lieberman and Mitt Romney.

According to Times Online "Speculation has focused on a handful of possible candidates. They include Mitt Romney, the former Massa-chusetts Governor, who was defeated in the hard-fought primary campaign by Mr McCain; Tim Pawlenty, the 47-year-old Minnesota Governor; Joe Lieberman, Al Gore’s 2000 running-mate who has become a staunch ally and close friend of the Republican nominee over the issue of Iraq; and Kay Bailey Hutchison, the first woman senator from Texas."

However, CNN just few minutes ago reported that John McCain's VP may be either Mitt Romney or Joe Lieberman.

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