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Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 Now Available For Download

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Do you want to be on the edge of Web surfing and browsing? If you want to take a chance on what looks to be a pretty buggy Beta 2, Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 is now available for download.

I can tell you, one of the new features, Crash Recovery, might get used quite a bit by some users. I sure did.

In fact, a post on the Small Business Server (SBS) blog a few days ago warned:

"If you decide to test IE8, please keep in mind that IE8 is still a Beta product and it may have compatibility issues with SBS 2003 and SBS 2008. We are working closely with the IE8 product development team to make sure that IE8 works with the SBS 2003 and 2008 Remote Web Workplace and Companyweb applications."

But the excitement is all about the new features, right? Other new features, thosein Microsoft-designated category of “Reach Beyond the Page.” as noted in the IE 8 Beta 2 Reviewers’ Guide, include:

* Accelerators, described by Microsoft as follows:

Tired of cutting and pasting information from one website to another for everyday tasks? Now there’s a better way. Accelerators give you ready access to the online services you use everyday—from any page you visit. Now you can simply select some text and then click on the blue Accelerators icon. For example, you may be interested in the location of a business featured on a webpage. In the past, you would need to copy the address from the webpage, navigate to another the webpage for a mapping service, and paste in the address. With the “Map with Live Maps” Accelerator in Internet Explorer 8, you can get an in-place view of a map displayed directly on the page.

* InPrivate, which includes Browsing (AKA "porn mode"), Blocking and Subscription features. I wrote in more detail about this earlier.

* Instant Search, described as follows:

Now you can type a search term and see real-time, relevant search suggestions from your chosen search provider and your browsing history. Click on a suggestion at any time to immediately execute the search without having to type the entire word or phrase.

* SmartScreen Filter blocks sites that are known by Microsoft to be unsafe. Of course, this functionality is duplicated in a lot of add-ons --- and I can see the false positives and the fallout over it.

One of the things I've been wondering about since hearing about the InPrivate Blocking feature, BTW, is the fact that "IE automatically blocks sites that have “seen” you across more than ten sites."

That sounds like once you've been "seen" across ten sites by a domain related to an ad network, IE8 would block that domain, meaning you wouldn't see ads from that network any longer. While many of us would love this, it sure would wreck ad revenue, so one has to wonder about it.

In fact, Mike Zaneis, vice president of the Interactive Advertising Bureau was concerned enough to say, "It has the potential to undermine the economies of the Internet."

On the other hand, you'd assume Microsoft would set up a whitelist to prevent accidental ad blocking. In that same article linked above it was reported that Microsoft sent screenshots of web pages showing no ad blocking with or without InPrivate Blocking enabled, so perhaps this is just a false alarm.

Microsoft did say one worrisome thing, at least for advertisers and site owners:

"InPrivate Blocking was never designed to be an ad blocker, though there may be ads that get blocked."

Still interested? You can download it from several places, including:


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