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Installing Netshare On Your Jailbroken iPhone

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One of the biggest selling factors for me on jailbreaking my iPhone 3G has been to be able to use Netshare. If I had gotten Netshare from the App Store, I may have not jailbroken it. Netshare allows you to tether which is using your iPhone's 3G connection to use the internet on your laptop.

This guide is for those using a Mac with the Safari browser. There are ways to get this to work or Windows or with Firefox, but that requires additional steps.

It is a straightforward process which creates an adhoc network and is connect through a proxy from your iPhone to your laptop. It is not the perfect solution but it works and I’m happy with it. This guide shows you how to set it up. Only Safari will work with this setup. You won’t be able to go into other programs like mail or others, but you will have internet access.

First, you can download Netshare here.

You won't incur additional data charges with your iPhone 3G by doing this. First of all, data is data with the 6gb plan. Secondly, I don’t believe Rogers/Fido can track how you are using the data because it is going through an app and a proxy. I believe that it looks like you are just using data normally to them.

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