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Alaska Governor Sarah Palin Tops McCain's VP Buzz

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According to reports Alaska Governor Sarah Palin is very high on John McCain's VP list and the announcement may come any time soon today. FOX news reports that Mitt Romeny is out of the list and the focus is on Sarah Palin, who is the first governor of Alaska to be born there after Alaska became a state.

Blogger all of the net are speculating on the issue of Mccain's Veep choice focusing on Sarah Palin. It's not the governor of Minnesota. It's not Romney, but a plane flew in last night from Alaska to a small airport just outside of Dayton, Ohio. Could it be that McCain has picked a woman - a woman with 5 children and the governor of Alaska.

Sarah Palin is 44 years old and is less than a month younger than Michelle Obama and the first governor of Alaska to be born there since it became a state.

The official announcement comes at noon Eastern time. Rumor has it that Sarah Palin is still in Alaska though.

We tried to visit Alaska Governor's website, but due to high demand of information on this matter the website is not accessible, but hope the officials will look into that. The website of the governor of Alaska is at

We just have to wait untill Mccain Veep choice is announced and we will see if Sarah Palin is the chosen VP for John McCain.

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