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Robert Paxton Beer Photo Costs Him Iowa College Job

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The president of Iowa Central Community College Mr. Robert Paxton has quited his job over beer photo, but will get a $400,000 severance package.

Bonafide comments from Mycrocosmos.

I think Robert Paxton, the former president of a community college in Iowa, may have delivered the biggest give-up of an excuse that I have ever heard. After a photograph surfaced showing him dispensing beer from a mini-keg into a young hottie’s mouth while in a boat on a lake, his genius defense was to say that the keg in the picture was broken and not dispensing beer at the time. That’s like being caught on the sixth floor of some building with a smoking rifle in your hands after a guy is shot, and saying, “This gun isn’t even loaded,…anymore.”

I guess the point he was making was that it is OK for a university president to stage a picture in which he and a group of young people are standing around acting as if they are drunk in bathing suits on a boat in a lake. That makes sense. He should have added that he was just helping them to do a little research. Or, even better, they were all taking part in some sort of promotion that was actually going to be intended as a warning against the dangers of drinking while in a boat on a lake. Remember, colleges are bastions of liberal thought, and nothing warms a liberal’s heart like some good ole’ good intensions, even if they have a horrible result.

In the end, Paxton chose the give-up, and the $400,000 severance package because he knew there was no getting away from this picture. Good move.

I think one thing we don't know at this point who are the people with Robert Paxton and who are the ladies in the photo. If it's all a family affair, and if Paxton's (if married) wife is present there, what's wrong with drinking a beer and having some fun with family and friends?


Submitted by DuPree (not verified) on
Recently, the 2008 Robert Paxton story caught my attention. I am researching mis-conduct exhibited by any and all college presidents. The irony for me in this story is how that picture was taken and immediately forwarded to the public. In the numerous articles and comments I have read, it appears Robert Paxton provided exceptional service to this college and it's participants. There appears a July 4th picture of what appears to be a July 4th get together. Although, the picture is suspect to the roaming and ever eager eye; I can't find enough here to put Mr. Paxton on my top ten list of 'No Good Presidents'. I can however as an outsider see the obvious; Mr. Paxton upset a few people prior to any picture being taken. The opportunity to pounce on his personal and professional reputation was just too tempting for those participating and revelling in past history. Interesting. Yet, unfortunately not enough for a good research paper.

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