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Why Sarah Palin Is A Good VP Choice For McCain

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People are going to think that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin was a bad choice for John McCain's VP, but I think she will be formidable opponent. Here are my reasons.

Sarah Palin is a pro-life, evangelical, anti-tax, and NRA Republican. In other words, she seals the deal with the base of the Republican party.

It now seems obvious to me that McCain will be running a "base" strategy. That may seem dumb, being the fact that Democrats have an overwhelming voter registeration difference in their favor but the Republicans are going to continue to attack Obama's character and integrity.

Expect this election to get real ugly. The Republican base is really excited about this pick

2. She is a capable actor and she seems to be very good at the stump. She will be a bonus for McCain when she goes to rural areas for McCain and she may be able to tame Joe Biden during the debates.

3. She may just peel away enough votes from Obama of Democrats who are either concerned about Obama and his "character" or were huge Hillary fans.

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