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Palin's Daughter Bristol Pregnant, Unmarried

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Here is another teen pregnancy. The rumor of Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol being pregnant floating around Alaska circles turns out to have been true.

According to AFP Republican vice presidential hopeful Sarah Palin revealed Monday her 17-year-old unmarried daughter Bristol is pregnant.

New York Times reports that "the 17-year-old daughter of Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is pregnant, Palin said on Monday in an announcement intended to knock down rumors by liberal bloggers that Palin faked her own pregnancy to cover up for her child."

"Bristol Palin, one of Alaska Gov. Palin's five children with her husband, Todd, is about five months pregnant and is going to keep the child and marry the father, the Palins said in a statement released by the campaign of Republican presidential candidate John McCain."

Maybe one more abstinence-only supporting politicians will realize the limits of such an approach. Teens will do what they will do. It's obvious Bristol would have been better served with a discussion about responsibility when it comes to sex. Instead, she's now facing a wedding to the baby's father.

Teen pregnancy rates are up and abstinence only programs are not working. It's time to teach young people to take responsibility and respect female teenagers.

It seems that the campaign making the news of Palin's daughter Bristol's pregnancy public is trying to dispel rumors and appear trasparent, but if that's the case and not being defensive is the case, why not making it a joyful news and let the world know about a coming of a grandchild.

I personally support abstinence programs for teens and as a Christian am against sex outside of marriage, but I also believe that younger people need to be thought to take responsibility for their actions. This would probably make them think twice before taking actions.

Daily Kos reports contributed to this article.

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