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ABC Calls Sarah Palin "$10 Million Woman"

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Reports are coming out that John McCain has a record month in contributions with $10 million pouring into the campaign since the announcement of Sarah Palin as his vice presidential candidate.

The final numbers are still being tallied but McCain campaign officials tell ABC News the total contributions for August made to the campaign is over $47 million, with $10 million coming in since the announcement of Sarah Palin as his VP pick on Friday.

According to Brian Rogers, a campaign spokesman, "We're still counting."

A top McCain official, tells reporters, "We were blown away. She has energized our base and when we see the money flowing like that we know we have a hit."

As a result, the official said, Palin will be asked to spend at least 80 per cent of her time raising money between now and the election.

Future monies will be collected on behalf of the Republican National Committee because John McCain opted to use the public financing system that has been used for decades, but which Barack Obama opted out of.

Any excess campaign funds from these donations, after McCain is made the official candidate will be steered to other candidates and different committees as required by law.

The overwhelmingly positive reactions in the last couple of days to the choice of the McCain VP pick in Palin, is amazing to see.

She is winning over conservative America by leaps and bounds, she has evangelical leaders stepping up and speaking up for her after her announcement about her daughter being pregnant, she has feminists, especially Clinton supporters, are watching the media with eagle eyes to trounce on sexism where ever it rears it's ugly head.

Crowds are larger than usual when she shows up with John McCain. People impressed with her all American attitude, her love for her country, her spirit and spunk.

John McCain chose well and I think the more people see of her, hear from her, talk with her and get to know her, these reactions will only get better.

There are those with doubts and few not as excited as others are expressing, but the majority of responses I have seen here and elsewhere, shows me that Palin is the right woman, for the right job.

Reported by Wake Up America Blog

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