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The First Look On Google Chrome Browser

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For those of you who were anxiously awaiting the release of Google Chrome, the new browser that Google just announced yesterday, Google had an 11 AM PDT press conference, and dished the details, as well as the download.

The download is available at (which is the main site; actual download is at The link went live at 12 PM PDT.

For those wondering, as I was, how the comic came about, Google said:

Scott McCloud is "a legend in the comic world," and has handled complex topics. He was "embedded with the team."

After trying it out for just a short while (a very short while), here are some impressions:

* It's pretty sparse, meaning it functions well as a browser, but some of the niceties I like about Firefox are missing (such as ad blocking, tab sessions, and the like).

* Oh, come on: double-click to close a tab should at least be an option.

* Incognito windows (AKA private browsing, AKA porn mode) are available.

* Did I mention no ad blocking (of course, there are 3rd-party blockers that work as proxy servers that would work).

* For the life of me, I didn't realize how much I would miss the lack of a "Home" button to take me to my Home page.

* Check out the way a new tab looks (click the logo above). The program will "learn" your favorite sites and put them as shortcuts in a new tab. Pretty cool, though I'd like the option to override that if I want.

* It's fast. How much of that is the lack of bloat due to the relative barebones-ness, though? Will all that speed disappear as Chrome becomes more feature-laden?

* The Omnibox is much like Firefox 3's Awesome bar, but Tab-to-Search (which allows you to type a site name and then a search term) is pretty cool.

* I'd like some 3rd-party toolbar support, such as (for me) the oft-used Roboform.

Clearly, Google still has plenty of work to do. But as a first cut (not even sure I'd call it a beta) it's decent.

Any readers out there have some comments if already using Chrome?

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