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Let's Rock! Confirmed For Sept. 9 Says Apple

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Is "Let's Rock" Apple special event about iPod? Judging from the poster image we may think so.

Apple has confirmed the rumored September event with a Sept. 9th date for a "special event." The event is at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco at 10:00 AM PDT and is titled "Let's Rock."

Based on the invitation graphic (and the title, natch), it's undoubtedly about an iPod line refresh, though it's possible there may be other ("one more thing") announcements.

It's about time for an iPod refresh and rumors and images have leaked about a possible iPod nano v4 redesign. Definitely the iPod Touch will need some reworking, at least in the pricing arena; it makes no sense for the Touch to cost more than an iPhone (though of course the iPhone is subsidized).

The big question: will Apple intro any new Macbooks (also rumored to be in the works) at what appears to be a music-centric event? At any rate, if you're looking into a new iPod - don't! At least not until after next Tuesday.

Reported by Tech Ex

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