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I Bought An iPod Touch

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It wasn’t for myself, but I did actually by an iPod touch. I got it for my mom, for her birthday. I wanted her to get an iPhone, but she is still contracted with Telus for another two years. I would probably cancel but I didn’t think she was willing to. So I decided to get her the next best thing, an iPod touch. Only got the 8gb model.

Currently the price of iPod touch is $319 for the 8gb model in Canada which works out to about $360 after tax depending on what province you are in. There was no way I was going to pay that. First off because I don’t really think it is worth quite that much and secondly, I can’t really afford it. I did have a creative idea on how to get it for cheaper. Since Apple is giving away away 8gb iPod touch’s for free if you buy a Mac if you are a student, I thought, there are probably a lot of 8gb iPod touch’s out there that need homes. This promo ends September 15th.

I decided to post a message on Craiglist saying “Wanted to Buy - 8gb iPod Touch, new, sealed - $200. I knew it was a bit of a stretch to get one for that cheap but I gave it a shot. Guess what? It took a few days but I was successful. I didn’t want to give her an opened gift so it stressed that it had to be sealed. Craigslist is a fantastic place to buy stuff, although, I probably wouldn’t buy an iPhone 3G from Craigslist.

There are strong rumors that the iPod line will be revamped on September 9th. It’s not clear on which models will be redesigned but it looks like the nano’s will probably go back to something like their original design. It is thought that that iPod touch may be redesigned also and may see a price cut. I know Apple can justify the minimum $319 price but most consumers can’t when they see the iPhone starting at $199. I talked before about the how the iPod touch is still a viable product in Canada, it would be even more so at a cheaper price.

If they do drop the price, I don’t see it being dropped to anything less than $249. There are rumors that it could be $199 but I don’t think that is likely. They can’t just cut the price by so much in my opinion. The reason the iPhone is cheaper is because it is subsidized by the carriers. I couldn’t wait to buy it even if they do redesign the thing or drop the price because then I would have missed her birthday (hopefully she doesn’t read this post).

It was fun showing her how to set it up and use all of the functions. Apple products do make great gifts. I think it is still a great product without the phone and data anywhere part. Even with the iPhone becoming more and more popular, I think the iPod touch will still remain a prominent product.

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