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90210 Reviews are a Mixed Bag - What Did You Think?

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With no advanced copy of the 90210 pilot released, the entertainment media had to sit tight and watch the new Beverly Hills 90210 with the rest of us before releasing their reviews. Did you tune in for 90210? What did you think of the revamped version of the old classic?

We can tell you that there was a mixed bag of 90210 reviews - check ‘em out:

Entertainment Weekly: It’s “corny but trying to be hip, crammed with subplots until the producers figure out which ones the audience responds to, and cast with mostly young faces that its network (The CW) prays will become teen idols.”

Variety: It’s “a pallid copy of the original fish out of water story only with shinier cars, fancier clothes and Botox aplenty.”

Hollywood Reporter: It “doesn’t embarrass as much as many had feared.”

Boston Globe: It was “pretty bad.”

Newsday: It’s “a perfectly competent and reasonably seamless revival that understands what made the original tick (and tick and tick), while being infused (occasionally suffused) with enough contemporary touchstones to remind new viewers that this isn’t their parents’ (or at least older siblings’) trusty fave.”

Associated Press: “All the expected ingredients were there: gorgeous teens, lots of style and extravagance, raging hormones, and always the potential for backstabbing, broken hearts and payback. Same old, same old at West Beverly Hills High School.”

Let us know what you thought of 90210 in the comments!

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