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Jeromie Cancel Confesses Pace University's Kevin Pravia Murder

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Queens resident Jeromie Cancel has confessed of Kevin Pravia murder, who was a Pace University student, reports GenerationQ.

Earlier NYPD had arrested Jeromie Cancel was charged with first-degree and second-degree murder. Police said he emerged as the suspect in the case of Pace University student Kevin Pravia choking.

According to The New York Post, citing police sources, reports that Jeromie Cancel "sat down in the victim's apartment and watched the movie 'Saw' just moments after smothering the teenager in his sleep."

Jeromie Cancel's MySpace page reveals more about him.

Trucrimereport writes:

Cancel was arrested at his dad's home. Jesus Soto told the Post that Cancel came to his door and said 'I just killed someone.' Soto continued, "He had no remorse. He had a big smile. Then, he told me again he killed someone."

Soto called the cops. When they arrived, Soto says his son "just turned to cops and told them he just killed someone."

Jeromie Cancel's father also told the New York paper that his son is "mentally imbalanced."

On MySpace, Jeromie Cancel called himself "puertoricothug352." Where the profile asked who he'd like to meet, Cancel wrote, "THE DEVIL."

Cancel titled his profile "TEARS OF A KING," and his headline read "F.T.W. AND THE PPL IN IT" -- for you text-message challenged folks out there, "f... the world and the people in it."

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