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Why no Honda Civic GX natural gas vehicle for Australia?

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A reader has tipped us off that Honda may be developing a dedicated natural gas fueled hybrid for display at the 2008 Tokyo International Motor Show. While we’ve been unable to substantiate this information it does raise a question that has been in the back of our minds for some time. Why don’t Honda sell their natural gas powered Civic GX in Australia?

The Honda Civic GX is available in the US and various Asian countries where natural gas is an accepted vehicle fuel. This year the GX has once again topped the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) annual Greenest Cars list beating 4 petrol/electric hybrids including the Civic and Prius hybrids that we get here in Australia.

What about refueling you ask? GX buyers have the option of purchasing a Phill home refueling system. Obviously the lack of CNG refueling limits long distance driving but with the Phill there are no such limitations for fleet use or doing the daily drive to and from work and down to the shops. If you’ve got natural gas piped to your home you’ll never have to go to a service station again. You just plug it in over night and the tank fills up while you sleep.

With Australia’s massive natural gas reserves and ready availability in capital cities and the larger towns you’d think the GX would be a nice seller for Honda Australia. What are your thoughts? Would you like the Civic GX to be available in Australia?

Reported by Enviro Fuel

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